• Gold Museum
    0.5 km
  • Casa Museo Quinta de Bolivar
    0.6 km
  • House Museum Quinta de Bolivar
    0.7 km
  • Church of San Francisco
    0.7 km
  • Museum of Modern Art
    0.7 km
  • Hill of Monserrate
    3.2 km
Bogotá offers a wide variety of tourist attractions. The museums of this city allow you to immerse yourself in the culture of Colombia and discover the roots of this town.

The visit to its historic neighborhoods will allow you to enjoy the essence of Bogotá, you can not miss the neighborhood of La Candelaria, cradle of the city, or La Macarena, a great center of intellectual and artistic activity.

In addition, this city is full of leisure areas, such as Zona T, the most popular to enjoy the nightlife of the city.